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Vision Statement

Pax Christi Port-au-Prince is poised to become a full regional member of Pax Christi International.  We seek to establish multiple grass roots groups throughout the country, working on both individual and national projects, in parishes, homes, centers of community.  We have programmatic and organizational sustainability as a core focus of all of our work as we strive to grow.  Regional membership will provide a stable structure and effective vehicle for the delivery of the creative energy and ideas of our members, normally marginalized on the national and international scene.  This energy and these ideas are hoped to introduce new dynamics into the national mix that can influence the internal decision making process, among its government and people, of ‘where Haiti goes from here’, as well as the way that other nations and international organizations view and relate to Haiti’s citizens and local initiatives.  We desire that the incremental accomplishment of this vision will encourage us to be caught up in love for one another, a love which will inspire an increase in trust and goodwill, driving both self-determination and mutual aid toward our common good.