Inyon The Soccer Team

The four soccer teams that are part of SAKALA play other teams and are able to represent Cite Soleil in a different way through their fair play and sportsmanship.  Everywhere they go Inyon teams are known as the “peace soccer teams”. Besides playing in local tournaments, the 17 year old team has had the chance to play one of the Haitian National Teams many times as well as represent Haiti in a game with a Dominican Republic team and a team made up of UN soldiers.  Recently, Inyon received new soccer jerseys that have the names of famous peacemakers on them which will further their ability to spread knowledge about these inspirational people and their own message of peace and solidarity.  Intercommunity team and friendship building among the Inyon players has produced a marked difference in the security and safety of players visiting neighborhoods within Cite Soleil where they do not live. Currently, the four soccer teams established through Inyon in Cite Soleil are all boys’ teams.  Whereas soccer in Haiti has traditionally been seen as more popular amongst males, there is interest among the staff in Cite Soleil to establish a girls’ team so that the sports and peace education benefits will extend to more females.